Monday, July 13, 2015

Effetre 610 Nessi

Effetre Nessi  (Not to be confused with CiM 432 Loch Ness - which - although it came across my bench on the same day - is a completely different animal.)

Nessi is deep, dark, mysterious, and hard to understand. (And so is the legendary creature.)

And it's going to need a lot of water. (or - clear glass - to dilute it.)

Nessi looks at first glance like an opaque lapis - very dark. Then, you see some green transparent and you think - "Oh ho! Not quite as straight forward as that!"

 Crappy cell phone shot - with the glass backlit.

And here are the self-coloured spacers. Predictably - they are too dark to be very interesting.

Here is a tab with a clear core, with the Nessi encased over the top. Disappointingly - it is also really damn dark.

Here is the same bead, back lit and over-exposed. Now we're talking. This looks awesome. But unless you are working it into a stained glass window with full sun exposure - it's never going to look like that in real life.

 Over white - on the left - Nessi over a white core, and on the right, a paper-thin white core, clear, and Nessi on top. Somewhat more successful, but still ... .

More success here - but there is a lot more going on than just Nessi. This is an "end of day" bead (made with the left over scraps on the bench at the "end of the day." There is white, cottontail, clear, canyon, Nessi, and some of the yet-to-be-reviewed Loch Ness. This was superheated and melted and moved and blended - so it's pretty hard to tell what is what. But I think that this is pretty much what you are going to have to do with Nessi to make it shine.

Overall - Nessi appears to be streaky transparent very dark blue and green. The trick is lightening it up enough to not read as black.

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