Sunday, June 14, 2015

CiM 214: Nectar

CiM's Nectar is cast in the vein of Eff 068 - a pinkish rod that goes deeper and richer in colour when worked.

I think Nectar goes a little warmer in color and a little less orange - but I'm basing that on memory - so don't rely on it.

The rods are a slightly pinkish colour, but the worked glass is a rich honey coloured amber.

Here you can see the contrast in colours.

It does seem a little prone to air bubbles - possibly working it cooler than I do could stop that. 

Ah - but here's the thing - layer it over silver foil and you get a rich, antique gold look. Effetre's 068 will do this, not quite as dark, as will Effetre 049 Straw Yellow - which will also give you a rich, deep gold effect over silver foil. The schmutz on the bead is kiln dust - it wiped off - after I took the photo, of course.

Other side of the bead. No need to mortgage the house to buy gold leaf - just use silver foil and encase it with Nectar. 

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