Friday, May 22, 2015

CiM 534 Agean

What a pretty colour! What is not to love about this? Agean dances straight down the light between blue and green.

Here you see, on the top, CiM Agean, and for contrast, the lone rod below is Effetre 026 Light Teal.

Agean is a dark aqua with a hint of green - not enough to push it over into the teal family, but enough to distinguish it from the aquas. It is the colour of the ocean on the sunny day after the storm, when the water is bright and sparkling, but still a little roiled up from the storm.

Here we have, on the top a shaded focal, and on the bottom, from the left, two self-coloured spacers and one Agean encased over white.
 look - it matches my nails!

And the focal again. 

This is a pretty, pretty colour. Can't go wrong with this!

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