Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Ultimate Glass Art Creation ... The Glass Fashion Show

This is a bucket-list item. If you work glass, hot, warm or cold - at least once in your life you should attend this. Even better - would be to participate!

Going to this will make you feel like you are partying on the Riviera. Nevermore will you be awed by celebrity events. You will watch Fashion Week and the Oscars and Emmy night and Ecstasy Raves and Lady Gaga Concerts and think to yourself - "Ha! I've been to the Glass Fashion Show!"

And you might not want to put it off - because Laura keeps swearing that each one she does will be the last.  

Two years - that is long enough to make the costume. What would you do ... if you were to make a fabulous wearable art piece - in glass? Glass Corset? Cinderella Slipper Hat? Medusa Snake Dress? Crocheted Wire Ballgown with a Handmade Bead in every stitch? Think of the possibilities - then email Laura and pitch your idea! (Email address in the graphic below.)

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