Saturday, December 01, 2012

Comparison Effetre Lapis and CiM Blue Suede Shoes

I know I have talked about CiM Blue Suede Shoes before - comparing it to Effetre Lapis.

It is such a drop dead gorgeous colour - how can I not re-visit it?

Here we have the rod ends - on top - Effetre Med Lapis, next is Effetre Light Lapis, and on the bottom, Blue Suede Shoes. In the rod - the Blue Suede Shoes and the Light Lapis are a near perfect match.
Here is the full mandrel. On the far left is Eff. Med Lapis, then 4 self coloured Blue Suede Shoes, and the far right is Eff Light Lapis.
Here is a close up of 3 of the Blue Suede Shoes.
And this is BSS on the left, and Lt Lapis on the right. Once cooled, it is a near perfect match. Oddly though, when hot, it is significantly lighter than the BSS, but when they came out of the kiln - they all matched.
Because the Light Lapis was so much lighter when hot - I grabbed the Med. Lapis (left) to compare as well. When hot, it looks exactly like the BSS, but when back to room temp, the Med. Lapis is a little darker.

It is just such a stunning colour - I can just sit and make spacers in this all day!

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