Monday, August 06, 2012

CiM 204: Peachy Keen

 CiM 204: Peach Keen, a transparent pink that is more peachy when it comes out of the kiln.

This colour reminds me very much of Effetre 068 - which has that same light pink before working, and salmon-y colour after.

Which leads me to wonder what it will do over silver foil - because Eff 068 over silver foil is wonderful - a rich gold colour is the end result.

From the left, we have two self coloured spacers, Peachy Keen over white, and Peachy Keen over periwinkle. (Not so wonderful - what was I thinking?)

The name "Peachy Keen" may cause some confusion with the also new "Peaches and Cream" - and, in fact - the hue is quite similar between the two. But Peachy Keen is a transparent, and Peaches and Cream is an opal - so no asking for "that new CiM colour - peach something." You know - unless you are feeling lucky!

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