Monday, July 30, 2012

Congratulations Peter and Jean!

Congratulations to Jean Robichaud of Nortel Mfg
Peter Norton of Nortel Mfg

for their Hall of Flame awards from the ISGB at this year's gathering.

Both your contributions to the art of flameworking are inestimable. Peter - for your torches and tools and understanding of flames and how to manipulate them.

And Jean, for your understanding of artists, and how to support them.

The world would truly be a poorer place without you both.


  1. This is wonderful to see!
    Congratulations to Peter and Jean!

    Jean is always so helpful over the phone\emails for my inquiries.
    Peter is an amazing wealth of information and resource.
    Visiting with him at Nortel each time I travel from the East Coast to Toronto is always so much fun!


  2. Congratulations to Peter and Jean, also!
    ...And I second all the compliments Dwyn has voiced. You two, as well as your staff, are such a wonderful support to all lampworkers, experienced and inexperiences, old and young. Thank you.