Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Effetre 032 Green Rosetta

Another Uber-dark transparent colour that looks black! This is Effetre Green Rosetta!
If you hold the rod up to a strong light - you can tell that it is really green.
And this is some white cored cane - because apparently - that is now what I do with very-dark-almost-black transparents.
This is a self coloured spacer in Green Rosetta.
And this is Green Rosetta over clear.
And Green Rosetta dots on white. Some apparent separation in the white - you can see lines between the dots.
And this is the white cored cane, over white.
Diluted, Green Rosetta is an awesome, brilliant shade of green. It's a bit dark to use on it's own, but as a thin layer on something else, it's excellent!

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