Thursday, October 20, 2011

More on Reichenbach104 L 6206: Multi Dark

As promised, more on the Reichenbach Multi - Dark. Haven't tried the light yet.

This was a Transparent, Dark Amethyst Base, Dots of Multi Dark - and marvered, and kilned. It looked like it was blues and greens when I put it in the kiln, and it has come out with some pretty spectacular blues. Unfortunately - because I marvered it and put it directly in the kiln, it is not fire polished - and I really hate beads that are not fire polished.

I spent a LOT of time on this one, and for not very spectacular results - compared to the amount of time spent. This is a base of clear, dots of Multi Dark. Then I plunged in the center of them, and encased, and then I hated the shape, so I heated it and drooped it down into a cone, built it up, screwed around, added a twisty at the big end - that really doesn't go with anything else, ran out of mandrel to really fix the shape, struggled with the end, yada yada yada. It was really brown when I put it in to the kiln, so the reds and purples are a pleasant surprise, and sort of underwater anenome cup shapes that the dots developed is sort of interesting. The whole is definitely less than the sum of the parts, however.

Multi Dark on EDP. Kinda cool. In an ugly sort of way.

I really like the colours on the marvered and not fire polished bead. Wonder if I can get away with a little firepolishing.

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