Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Reichenbach104 Iris Orange

RB 104 - Iris Orange. Iris Orange as a 104 COE glass - in a rod. Woohoo! I am not one of those people that seems to be able to pull blues and purples out of Iris Orange, so I can't comment on that - but I have to say - I was quite pleased with the whole desert sunset look of the bead.

From the left, we have Iris Orange dots on Ivory (very strong reaction with the ivory), on Black (nice colours) and a self coloured spacer on the right. Caramel, brown, some sagey green and some blue grey and navy blue.

That single colour spacer is quite nice - and I can see that certainly develop a very earthy, organic colour line of beads with this.

I like it. Cuz, after all - we know what a big fan of Frit I am. Freedom from frit!


  1. One of my favorite colours too. But I loooove the frit too.
    I once read, that you need to cool the surface of the glass very quickly (using a brass tool for example) to bring out the blue and purple colours. Works for me.

    ~ Karina

  2. I pull a thin twisty of Iris Orange rod and Intense Black. I am able to get good blues and purples all the way through tans. It really does depend on how hot you get it and how fast you cool it.