Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CiM 401: Seafoam Limited Run

Bunch of pretty new colours from CiM to play with!

This is CiM Seafoam Ltd Run. Seafoam is a translucent oceany, beach-glassy green. It's really pretty and I really, really like it! Yum.

These are both self-coloured Seafoam - the one on the right is a little lighter in colour - not sure if that is because it is smaller (so - less density of colour) or because it got more heating and cooling cycles (made first.) It seems a little more opaque - so I'm leaning towards the latter - but more testing should make that more obvious.

I thought it looked like it might be close to Effetre 516 Nile Green Opalino - but in fact - Nile Green Opalino is a yellowier-green.

In this pic - the top bead and rod is Seafoam, and the bottom is Nile Opalino.

Seafoam - love it! This is the sort of colour I would have planned!

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