Sunday, January 30, 2011

Effetre 411 Apple Blush

Well - this is one of the most interesting new glasses to come across my bench in a long time. This is Effetre Apple Blush, and if the name "Apple Blush" makes you think of just ripening apples, as they turn from green to red - well - bingo - cuz that's exactly what colour this glass is. Green - with blushes of a warm orangey colour.

You can see here - the ends of the rod show a warm hint of colour.

The warm colour blushes seem more pronounced in places that have received more re-heating. Not necessarily where they have cooled slowly, but where the have cooled and been reheated.

It is quite visible under these large clear dots - showing it is not a reduction effect. If it was - it would not be under the clear, or if I worked the entire bead in a reduction flame, it would have been out side the clear as prominently.

Here is a self-coloured spacer - mostly a yellowy green ...
But, as I rotate it, on spot of colour blush on one side.

This one is with ivory dots. No reaction to the ivory, but definitely more colour.

As the glass heats - it goes a deeper version of the blush colour - so that the hot glass is a dark orange. It was unclear to me if it was going to retain that colour - which I could see developing on the rods - so I was nice to see that it stayed.

It is extremely easy to read the heat in this glass - I would recommend it for sculptural work.

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  1. ohhhh, awwwww...... That would make an amazing base for organics. I have not heard of this one, too bad I'm on a spending freeze. I think I'll add it to my list for when I do buy