Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beads from the Mid-Range

To follow up on my thoughts on the mid-range - here are some of the beads I made. They aren't lovely - but hey, test beads seldom are.

You can see the scale of the beads, because they are resting in my hand. And these beads aren't particularly large for me, or even larger than I generally make on the Mega - but they did make up faster and with less effort.

Both of these have substantial amounts of dichro in them. The first pic - the "Ocean Life" bead came out quite nice for that. There are other things I don't like about it - (didn't put enough goldstone in it - lost the reduction effect on the dark stripe.) And frankly, a different colour of dichro would have worked better - but all of that is irrelevant to actually putting the torch through it's paces.

This is a lentil-ish shape - made with Mor Kelp, encased in dichro, and encased in Kelp. Close examination reveals there is some wispiness (right of centre, below the bead hole) that I would prefer not to see - but overall - not too bad.

Verdict: I didn't think I was burning the snot out of the glass, and in fact, I wasn't. ;-)

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