Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CIM 660 Crocus

Hocus Pocus - let's focus on Crocus. CIM 660 Crocus is the colour Heffalump should have been. It's a wonderful, translucent purple. Is it a red purple, or a blue purple. Weeeell - that depends on your lighting.

Again. A lovely colour that is a b----- to photograph.

First shot - on my desk, with a flash. Probably the most accurate colour. A distinctly reddish purple. Very lovely.

Second pic - in my hand, colour balance set to correct for any colour cast, under an Ott-lite(tm). More bluish to the purple.

Third pic - shot on my notebook, colour balance set to correct for colour cast, shot under a 60W GE Reveal (Natural Light) Bulb.

Fourth and fifth pics - shot in "studio" set up, white balance set, Using high colour temp fluorescents. (My usual set up.)

You can see the rods behind - the annealled beads are the same colour as the rods.

The final picture shows the translucency nicely.

Truly a yummy, spectacular colour - a very "pretty" colour - that doesn't have to be too girly - but it can be if you want.

A nice strong colour too - didn't wash out the way Heffalump did.

But, pay attention when photographing it. You might have to follow the light around the house to get good pictures.

It's not a dramatic colour change, like Alexandrite. More of a "what the heck?" kind of colour change.

I like it. Let's say it's prettier in person. Not photogenic, so to speak.

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