Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moretti 640 Mimosa Yellow, Moretti 641 Deep Mimosa Odd Lots

Two nice, streaky, translucent colours!

On the left, the Mimosa Yellow delivers the same colour in the bead as it did in the rod - with a few black marks, (see bottom left of bead) but in all fairness - I didn't clean the glass before I used it, so I'm not sure if the glass scorched, or it was just dirty.

It did shock a little, but is a really nice colour. Worth buying for a nice happy yellow that seems to have an inner glow, due to the partially transmitted light.

The Deep Mimosa, right, is a rich juicy orange punch colour. Equally streaky and translucent, it is slightly redder after working and annealing than the rod colour. This is also a lovely, happy orange colour - this definitely has a place in my studio too!


  1. do you know where I can buy the
    Odd Deep Mimosa 641- Orange Rods

    I would love to purchase some of this color

  2. I got mine from Nortel in Toronto - email them at

  3. Oops - sorry, that should be or