Sunday, March 23, 2008

just plain beads - Book

A new book from by Deanna Griffin Dove, partnering with Marjorie Langston. This is a slender volume that is big on good stuff.

Covered are lots of things, very basic, but very frustrating for the novice bead maker with maybe 10 - 20 hours of practice - who is starting to notice that their beads aren't quite as nicely shaped as they would like, bead holes aren't perfect, and how do you actually get the bead to be round, instead of donut shaped?

Gratifyingly, most of what I say in my remedial classes is right here, and with great photos to boot. If you are getting frustrated and want to go further, getting some control over your shapes and getting them to be the shape that you wanted (instead of what the glass wanted!) - then this book is definitely worth checking out. I would also suggest checking their website too: Beadmaking

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